Band in Residence: George Quartz

Arthur Peña

Vice Palace @ Oliver Francis Gallery

Arthur Peña

Infest @ 500 Singleton

Poster by Larry Carey

Vice Palace @ Pariah

Arthur Peña

Vice Palace: Year One @ 2516 Beckley

VPT Def Rain / Sealion

Vice Palace Tapes Series 1

Francine Thirteen

Vice Palace @ Deep Vellum Books

Arthur Peña

Vice Palace: Year Two @ RBC

Arthur Peña

Vice Palace @ Dallas Contemporary

Def Rain

Vice Palace: The End

Arthur Peña

Vice Palace Tapes Series 2

Arthur Peña

Art in America

From 2014-2017, Vice Palace existed as a roving music venue that served as a celebration of the communal. At the core of Vice Palace was the ability to create a unique shared experience and collective safe space while providing a platform for underground culture. This process was explored through twenty-one shows presenting eighty-four diverse artists hosted at eleven separate spaces throughout Dallas and documented in the 2016 summer issue of Art in America. Through grants awarded by the City of Dallas’ Office of Cultural Affairs and a Faculty Grant from Southern Methodist University, the music label Vice Palace Tapes was established. Twenty performances were recorded live and released on a limited number of ten cassette tapes, which acted not only as unique art objects but also as documentation and an index of musical talent residing in the region. By curating diverse music bills and activating unconventional spaces such as warehouses, book stores, and museums, Vice Palace and Vice Palace Tapes functioned as an incubator for a wide spectrum of musicians and performers.